“I believe that everyone has a capacity for learning to play and enjoy an instrument.  My focus is helping you meet your goals.”

Here is what I offer:


I offer instruction on a variety of guitar styles, with a focus on Bluegrass, Classical, County, Rock, Blues and Gypsy Jazz. Guitar is an amazing instrument to start or continue music education. It's equally versatile as a lead instrument and accompaniment. 



I use a proven method to teach Banjo and get excellent results from students.  If you want to learn 3 finger Bluegrass style or Blues, I teach that. I can help you set and meet realistic goals.


The Mandolin is a really fun instruments to play. It can be driving or sweet. I teach Celtic, Classical, and Bluegrass styles.



It's everyone's birthright to sing.  I can help you reach your goals with in your voice, whether you want to fine tune your vocal range or you're just starting out.


Band Coaching

Get help with intros and endings. Vocal harmony coaching. Help for soloists and rhythm sections. I offer consultation in performance.  I regularly work with bands of various experience levels to perform at their best.


Recording Projects

Get a demo recorded featuring your band or solo project. The recording process is an excellent barometer of your playing and singing skills and I can help you get the most of your performance. Recording is not only a snapshot of where you are at the moment, but can also show you how good you could get. Recording is not for the faint of heart.