• Let's Jam
    • Bluegrass Jamming: Intermediate

      This class will focus on the next level of jamming skills. You will build confidence calling a song at a jam as well as learn patterns that will help you memorize chord progressions on the spot. Pickers who like to play breaks will get plenty of opportunities to play over lots of different songs. Singers who like to harmonize will receive tips on how to sing along at a jam. If you are looking for some jam experience or want to challenge yourself to learn how to pick with others, this class will help you meet your goals.

  • Let's Pick
    • Playing Great Solos

      Ever wonder what it takes to play a great solo? Have you ever been in a jam where players seem to create interesting solos on the spot? In this class we will look at the tools that can help you unlock your picking potential. We will examine what makes a great solo and find out what skills we need to develop our own playing. Students will have plenty of opportunities to take solos during this class. Let's pick!

  • Let's Sing
    • Bluegrass Harmony Singing

      Learn to sing all the parts! Get inspired to improve your harmony singing using the style and repertoire of Bluegrass music. You will learn how to find your starting pitch, how to hold down a part while someone next to you is singing a different part than you, and how to blend with others. You will develop a new understanding of the theory that informs Bluegrass Harmony Singing. You will also receive tips on warming up and taking care of your voice.  

Gregg Daigle earned a Classical Guitar Performance Degree from UMASS in 1992. From 1993-1995 Gregg lived and worked in Cambridge, MA, where he enjoyed full exposure to the East Coast Bluegrass picking scene. In ’95 he moved to Albuquerque, NM, to establish himself as a solo performer and music educator. Currently, he maintains a private studio of over 40 students, and has built a large community of local pickers with his unique jamming programs.

During the pandemic, all instruction was moved online and in the summer of 2020 Gregg and his family moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin to live near immediate family. He continues to explore the online format by hosting individual lessons, various workshops and online jams.