Workshops and Jamming


Workshop schedule (Saturday Workshops will be recorded and uploaded to dropbox for students who are unable to attend in real time)


First Saturday- 9:00am MT - REAL bluegrass 

10:30am MT - SLOW jam favorites

Third Saturday- 9:00am MT - Masterclass 

10:30am MT -  Student Coffeehouse


First Tuesday-  7pm MT - Live Podcast Music and Curiosities

Third Tuesday- 7pm MT - Student Coffeehouse

Jam workshops are scheduled the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month during the summer.  Online jams are a great way to build your skillset in a safe environment.  Take breaks that only your ears can hear!


The REAL Bluegrass Book Jam starts at 9am Mountain Time. Explore all the tunes in the book as Gregg leads the group through every song in the book.  Gregg explains the tunes so you understand the progressions as they come up.  This is a great way to expose yourself to different tunes that may be outside your normal repertoire and to dissect the world of bluegrass!


Slow Jam Favorites begins at 10:30 Mountain Times. This online jam is great for learning the basics of jamming at a reasonable tempo.