Early Bird Bluegrass Slow Jam at Apple Mountain Music


As always, thanks to everyone that showed up to play. We always seem to get the right number for that room. Some really good jam tunes got called today. We jammed on Mountain Dew

My Home’s Across The Blue Ridge Mountains

I’ll Fly Away

Cherokee Shuffle

Whiskey Before Breakfast

White Freight Liner

Faded Love

I Am A Pilgrim.

It was a good combination of songs and fiddle tunes. If you want to jam with groups, you gotta make sure you know your chords for fiddle tunes. Cherokee Shuffle and Whiskey Before Breakfast are complex in their chord progressions, so they are good ones to practice. I would consider Blackberry Blossom and Arkansas Traveler to be in the same category.

Next Early Bird Bluegrass Slow Jam will be meeting Second Saturday in August.

The room is booked for the jam 9-10am. I’ll sometimes go a little over if we can get a few more tunes in. We start up pretty much on time.

If you want to join us, you are welcome to.

please contact me with any questions. 

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